Welcome prospective graduate students!

The International Max-Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology is looking for talented doctoral candidates with a record of excellence in their previous studies. We welcome highly motivated students with interest in atomic physics, quantum optics, solid state physics, material science, quantum information theory, and quantum many-body systems to apply.

The IMPRS-QST is committed to recruiting extraordinary students from diverse backgrounds and meeting them with openness and respect. We explicitly encourage female candidates to apply!

The language of the IMPRS-IS is English. We welcome students from all countries and seek to recruit at least 50% of our students from outside Germany.

Applicants must have completed a Master’s degree (or equivalent) by the time of enrollment for their PhD.

Before Application

When applying for our graduate program, you will be asked to indicate your research interests and areas of preference, as well as potential supervisors out of the list of our research groups. Before filling out our application form, we therefore recommend that you take some time and make yourself familiar with the fields of research covered by the IMPRS and identify the principal investigators of our school whom you would like to work with.

Online Application

Applications for IMPRS-QST must be submitted using our online application form. We will not consider applications sent to us via e-mail or mail. For online application, please complete the following steps:

1. Complete the online registration. After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a registration number.

2. Fill in the online application form. Please take your time to carefully read and answer all questions.

3. You will be asked to upload the following documents:
- CV; please DO NOT include a resume photo
- Letter of interest and intent
- Degree certificates and transcripts of current and previous studies
- If applicable: English Language Test certificates, certificates for any scholarships, prizes or awards received

4. Submit your application: Once you have completed the application form and uploaded all required documents, please submit your application. The deadline for submission for the current application period was February 15, 2023. You will receive an e-mail confirming a successful submission.

Reference letters

When filling the online application, you will be asked to indicate two referees who are able to assess your personal and academic background. The referees suggested by you will receive e-mail requests sent to the addresses you provided. Please note: These requests will be sent automatically as soon as you submit your complete application. You should therefore inform your referees in advance about your intention to apply to our program and allow enough time for them to write the review.

The deadline for the letters of reference for the current application period was February 21, 2023. Only letters that reach us before the deadline can be considered. In case your referees do not send their recommendation letters in time, your application will still be processed, but it will be evaluated based only on the documents available to us.

Application to IMPRS-QST and MQV Doctoral Fellowhip Program

The IMPRS-QST is part of the Munich Quantum Valley and we share a common application platform with the MQV Doctoral Fellowship Program.

Note that, in your registration, you will be asked to indicate the program you are applying for. Please select IMPRS-QST or MQV, respectively.

It is possible to apply for both programs. If you intend to do so, you must register twice, but please use the same email-address. In this way, most of the information which you entered into the first application form will automatically be preentered by the system into the second application form. (You can change the preentered information, if needed.) This way, you will not have to fill in all the fields twice.

The selection and admission processes of IMPRS-QST and MQV are independent of each other and timelly apart. Applicants to both programs might get invited to both interviews. However, if you have already been awarded a fellowship at MQV, you will no longer be considered for an IMPRS-QST fellowship.

Selection and Admission

You have applied? Here's what happens next!

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