Welcome to IMPRS-QST!

Whether you are a prospective student or already embarking on your PhD journey, we extend a warm invitation to join our vibrant community.

If you have been selected and admitted through our annual application process, congratulations! You are already an IMPRS member. Likewise, if you are commencing your PhD at one of our affiliated research groups, you are more than welcome to join our graduate school.

Regardless of your funding source, every member receives the same level of support and opportunities. Our guidelines and curriculum requirements are standardized for all students, ensuring fairness and consistency. Also, every member has equal access to the benefits and offerings within our program.

To familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines and expectations of our graduate school, feel free to download our comprehensive IMPRS-QST guidelines document available here.

IMPRS-QST Guidelines

Excited to be part of our community? Review our registration process to learn about the next steps.

If you have any questions about the IMPRS-QST program or the necessary formalities to complete your membership process, please reach out to the IMPRS coordination.

IMPRS-QST in a Nutshell

Experience an extraordinary framework and unparalleled training opportunities tailored for graduate students at IMPRS-QST. As an IMPRS member, you'll join a dynamic community of fellow graduate students, gaining access to a diverse array of scientific workshops, professional skills courses, and engaging social activities designed to enhance both learning and networking.

Our supervision concept ensures your success. In addition to receiving ongoing guidance from your primary advisor, you'll also benefit from regular interaction with your Thesis Advisory Board.

Throughout your doctoral journey, you'll receive unwavering support from the coordination office, dedicated PhD representatives, and your peers within the IMPRS-QST community.

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