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Fields of Research

The fields of research covered by the IMPRS will encompass different areas of physics, chemistry, mathematics & computer science, and material science, organised in four specialist subjects:

  1. Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics
  2. Solid State Physics and Material Science
  3. Quantum Information Theory
  4. Quantum Many-Body Physics


There are common, overarching scientific lines of research that unite several of the above fields, including: 

  • Light-matter interfaces: cavity QED, large Coulomb systems, single emitters, non-classical light, quantum networks, and quantum repeaters.
  • Information processing: quantum circuits, quantum memories, NMR, error correction, channels, algorithms, tomography, quantum control, topological quantum computation, decoherence, open systems.
  • Communication: cryptography, multipartite entanglement, quantum repeaters, protocols.
  • Many-body systems: ultracold quantum gases, atoms in optical lattices, quantum phases of matter, topological matter, quantum transport, quantum simulation, disordered systems, numerical methods, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics, and tensor network techniques.
  • Quantum technologies: nanofabrication, quantum chip design, optoelectronic systems, quantum sensing.
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