Research Areas

Research Areas

Diverse Research Fields and Interdisciplinary Themes: Exploring Quantum Science and Technology at the IMPRS-QST

The fields of research covered by the IMPRS encompass different areas of physics, chemistry, mathematics & computer science, and material science, organised in four specialized subjects:

  1. Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics
  2. Solid State Physics and Material Science
  3. Quantum Information Theory
  4. Quantum Many-Body Physics

Within these subjects, several overarching scientific themes emerge, bringing together various disciplines. These overarching themes underscore the interdisciplinary nature of the research conducted within the IMPRS, highlighting the integration of different fields.

  • Light-matter interfaces: cavity QED, large Coulomb systems, single emitters, non-classical light, quantum networks, and quantum repeaters.
  • Information processing: quantum circuits, quantum memories, NMR, error correction, channels, algorithms, tomography, quantum control, topological quantum computation, decoherence, open systems.
  • Communication: cryptography, multipartite entanglement, quantum repeaters, protocols.
  • Many-body systems: ultracold quantum gases, atoms in optical lattices, quantum phases of matter, topological matter, quantum transport, quantum simulation, disordered systems, numerical methods, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics, and tensor network techniques.
  • Quantum technologies: nanofabrication, quantum chip design, optoelectronic systems, quantum sensing.
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