Selection and Admission

Review and first round of selection

All successfully submitted and complete applications will be reviewed after the deadline of application. Applicants are evaluated by the admissions committee based on their academic qualification, aptitude for research, achievements, motivation, scientific background and the letters of recommendation.

In a first round of selection, applicants will be shortlisted for online interviews. Upon performance at these remote interviews, some candidates might still be nominated and invited for on-site interviews if necessary.

Incomplete applications or applications received by email or regular mail will not be considered.

Interview Days

During the interview days, the applicants give a short presentation of a research project that they have conducted as part of their academic training. Also, they will be introduced to different research options and will have the opportunity to meet selected IMPRS faculty members of their interest at individual video calls.

Following these days, the admissions committee will select successful applicants based on the judgment of all PI's regarding the performance during the interviews. Applicants will be notified within one to two weeks after the interview about the outcome of the selection.

Selected students will be assigned to the groups according to their preferences and suitability for the available PhD projects.

There is no fixed number of accepted students per year. This depends on the quality of the applications, available funding and the need and capacity of the IMPRS-QST research groups.

If you apply, please save the date: The IMPRS-QST Virtual Interview Days 2023 will take place on April 3-4, 2023! All invited students will receive further details.

Application to IMPRS-QST and MQV Doctoral Fellowship Program

The selection and admission processes of IMPRS-QST and MQV are independent of each other and timelly apart. Candidates applying to both programs might get invited to both interviews. However, if you have already been awarded a fellowship at either of the two programs, you will no longer be considered for a fellowship to the other.
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