PhD students who join the IMPRS for Quantum Science and Technology are part of a large community, establish networks, and have their thesis work complemented by an educational program. The curriculum consists of:

  • Four courses on QST (1st and 2nd year of PhD)
  • Annual Summer School (every year)
  • Regular seminars (organized by students)
  • Soft-skills and interdisciplinary training
  • International research stay: 1-3 months


List of courses for the curriculum

The complete list of courses recognized for the IMPRS-QST curriculum includes lectures and seminars that are regularly taught at MPQ/LMU/TUM, supplememented by additional ones with a more specialized QST focus.

The second list contains the courses for the upcoming term.


Further links to course catalogues at TUM and LMU


Graduate Schools

Enrollment at the Graduate Programs of the participating universities:

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